Bond Bond’s Artisan Breads are a labour of love using European-inspired traditions. Although the ingredients couldn’t be simpler (flour, water, yeast and salt), the process of creating superior bread is long and fairly complex. A day at the Bakery begins as early as 3 am. Several bread recipes call for a sourdough starter, a fermented mixture of water and unbleached white wheat flour that flavours the bread and provides a natural preservative. The bakers must keep this mixture alive by “feeding” it daily. Some of our other breads use different starters such as a sponge, biga, poolish or fresh yeast. When the dough is mixed, the bakers divide the dough into batches and set it aside for several hours for the process called “fermentation.”

The bakers then divide the dough, shape it into loaves and again set it aside for several hours to proof or place it in the retarder for extended overnight fermentation. When ready, breads are baked in a high heat oven, which causes the gas bubbles in the dough to expand, creates a perfect crust and an even golden colour. The process of preparing a loaf of bread for baking can take in excess of 12-18 hours, but the results make it worthwhile – aroma, crust, flavourful taste and texture. You can be sure that Bond Bond’s Bakery breads contain only the finest, simplest ingredients, natural starters and absolutely no preservatives.

• Bond Bond’s Bakery ingredients are chosen for specific characteristics required to produce the finest quality breads. The building block and main ingredient of our bread is unbleached wheat flour. Unbleached wheat flour is what gives bread a “crumb” colour that looks more natural and more wholesome. Using bleached flour is common in many other bakeries and gives many breads their super-white appearance. The addition of bleaching agents removes the natural yellow colour (carotenoids) from the flour and changes the nutritional value of the resulting flour.

• Bond Bond’s Bakery uses fresh yeast and, because of the slow fermentation process, the amount of yeast used is considerably less than other commercially prepared breads.

Bond Bond's Bakery Artisan Breads

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Bond Bond’s Bakery ~ Our Everyday Bread

Honey Whole Wheat
80% whole wheat & 20% white flour blend that yields a soft loaf with a hint of honey and nutty finish of sunflower seeds rolled on the outside. Ingredients: 100% wholegrain stoneground wholewheat flour, unbleached white flour, honey, gmo-free shortening, fresh yeast, water, malt, sea salt

Multi Grain
100% bread flour combined with seven grains that provide a soft crumb with nutty flavor and fibre throughout the interior and exterior. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, old fashioned oats, quick oats, rye flakes, millet, poppyseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, brown sugar, gmo-free shortening, fresh yeast, water, malt, sea salt

95% Whole Wheat 5% Rye
Speaks for itself, 100% whole grain dense crumb with the benefit of added fibre from sprouted cracked wheat and flaxseeds. Ingredients: 100% wholegrain stone ground wholewheat flour, dark rye flour, cracked wheat, flaxseeds, honey, fresh yeast, water, malt, croustilis, sea salt, egg wash

Levain aka Sourdough
A mild sourdough tasting loaf with a dense crumb. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, 100% wholegrain stoneground whole wheat flour, water, fresh yeast, sea salt

100% bread flour loaf that has a chewy texture eaten fresh, a crunchy crust when toasted or reheated. Our best selling loaf! Ingredients: unbleached white flour, fresh yeast, water, sea salt

Sprouted Grain
Ciabatta style with a bubbly & chewy crumb, mild tasting sourdough starter and sprouted cracked wheat and flaxseeds make this a great tasting loaf. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, dark rye flour, cracked wheat, flaxseeds, water, fresh yeast, sea salt

Asiago Cheese
A slow fermented bread that yields a soft, chewy loaf with a generous topping of asiago cheese. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, water, fresh yeast, malt, sea salt

Our longest developed loaf with two kinds of olives that create a mild salty, chewy crumb. Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, pitted kalamata & sun-dried Moroccan olives, water, fresh yeast, sea salt

A sourdough based bread brushed generously in extra virgin olive oil and finished with an assortment of  herbs.Ingredients: unbleached white flour, dark rye flour, water, fresh yeast, sea salt, topping: extra virgin olive oil, basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary

Onion Board
A sourdough based bread dusted with cornmeal and finished with fresh onions tossed in extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. Ingredients: unbleached white flour, dark rye flour, water, fresh yeast, sea salt, topping: cornmeal, onions, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper

Freshest Ingredients at Bond Bond's Bakery





Freshest Ingredients at Bond Bond's Bakery