Turkish Flatbread – this flatbread created with a poolish starter imparts a very soft texture and the long ferment creates a nutty undertone of flavor

Sourdough Seed – 50% stone ground whole wheat & 50% unbleached white flour combined with seven grains create a dense, hearty round loaf

Triple Rye – dark rye flour, malted rye & rye flakes create a medium rye loaf with either a rye flake or caraway crust

Thursday                                                                                                                                                                        Italian Seed – cracked wheat & sunflower seeds are added to a stoneground whole wheat sourdough starter based dough which creates a nutty, full flavored bread

Spelt – organic spelt flour and a touch of flaxseeds create our only wheat free bread option

Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon – dried apples, Thompson raisins & cinnamon combined with unbleached wheat flour create a very soft loaf

East Coast Porridge – a weekend traditional soft bread made with cooked oatmeal & a hint of molasses

 *Available Friday & Saturdays or by special order any day!
Brioche – whole milk, free range eggs and butter are added to this dough which creates a dark golden crust with a soft, tender & slightly sweet crumb

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