In August 1992, Barbara Bond and George Plett came together & founded Bond Bond’s Bakery. Their goal was to create breads & pastries using natural ingredients following traditional European recipes and techniques. In 2006, Jeneen and Richard Harrison purchased the bakery and are the current owners/operators/bakers. We have continued to maintain the original standards, existing bakery favourites and are always creating new items.

Bond Bond’s Bakery still does not rely on preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients and believes that bread is best enjoyed in its most simple and authentic form. Whenever possible we try to use local or Canadian grown ingredients. The baker’s continued dedication to this has been rewarded with loyalty from restaurants, cafes, hotels, markets and homes within Victoria for the last 24 years!

Bond Bonds Bakery store front

Bond Bond’s Bakery 1010 Blanshard Street, Victoria B.C.