Bond Bond’s Bakery opened in 1992 and developed & maintained a product line using only the highest quality ingredients available  in order to ensure the finest quality finished bread products and baked goods…all of which are hand formed for our customers!

Ingredients used at Bond Bond’s Bakery are chosen for specific characteristics required to produce the finest quality breads. The building block and main ingredient of our bread is unbleached wheat flour. Unbleached wheat flour is what gives bread a “crumb” colour that looks more natural and more wholesome. Using bleached flour is common in many other bakeries and gives many breads their super-white appearance. The addition of bleaching agents removes the natural yellow colour (carotenoids) from the flour and changes the nutritional value of the resulting flour.

Bond Bond’s Bakery uses fresh yeast and, because of the slow fermentation process, the amount of yeast used is considerably less than other commercially prepared breads.

Fresh Daily Bread Bond Bond's Bakery

Bond Bond’s Bakery only uses the highest quality ingredients